I got some free time to scan the orientation booklet "The Secrets" I received from the "secret society" LOL. There are five stories, which you can find below in PDF searchable format. If anybody else has received materials from them, please feel free to send a copy to me and I will post them here. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Secrets
Five Amazing Stories
-About Money, Love, and Being Discovered-
That Will Change Your Life
Installment Number One of Two
The secret society orientation booklet

The Secret Society
A secret society has existed for over a hundred
generations. It is a parallel society that quietly coexists
with the obvious society in which we live. A tiny fraction
of the population, however, ever enters or knows about
the secret society. It has no founder - it is bigger than
anyone man, anyone generation, anyone dynasty. It is
the society of the ultra successful geniuses, and you now
have been invited into the secret society and its 2300-yearold,
most guarded secrets.

© Copyright 2008
The Secret Society

Story One : Read the story here

Story Two

Story Three

Story Four

Story Five

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