Secret Society AddressI am a magnet for people that are trying to make money from others:-) A few weeks ago I received a letter from a "secret society" that was "watching" me... The letter was saying that this is not a spam because it was sent as a first class mail not " a third class junk" and it was posted from Las Vegas... Wow, so it should be real... Whatever... I had to replay back no later than Friday if I wanted to get a book that explains "the secret".

So, I sent my replay via fax and started to wait... Two days before Christmas I got the "secret"... or at least I was a step closer to it. I received a letter via DHL sent from...hmmm... Germany (?!) In case somebody else received a similar one, the return address of the mail is:


P.O.Box 95338

Las Vegas, NV 98183-5338

United States

P.S. Could not recover the rest of the article (Nov-26-2012)

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