The Secrets

Dear New Secret Society Member,
Congratulations! You have been accepted as a new secret society member. ... You are truly one of the lucky few.
A short time ago, a group of experts discovered that you possess phenomenal talents just waiting to be unleashed. That is why this exclusive group, many whose names you would recognize, has chosen you to receive, personally, a secret that will unleash incredible powers within you - allowing you to prosper in every area of life: emotionally, personally, physically, romantically and financially.

With your special talents, all the money, love and opportunity you've ever wanted will come to you easily, effortlessly and automatically. You'll even know how to make any person, man or woman, like you, admire you, love you! All you have to do is absorb the simple, easy, secret system about to be revealed to you.
Read every single word written in the following five stories of this orientation booklet, (the first of two confidential secret society installments) because this small book has hidden power. When you discover the secret meaning within the following five stories about money and love, you will discover the most incredible, almost indescribable, personal skills and talents and will become wealthy and unforgettable.
If you do not discover the secret meaning within these 56 pages, you will still absorb that secret meaning while reading the five stories. As a consequence, three very major good things, prompted by your subconscious, will happen to you within two weeks involving money, love, and the unleashing of astounding powers within you.
Now, here is the first story of this orientation booklet as The Secret Society told by a woman who, just like you, received this orientation booklet from the secret society seven years ago. After reading this orientation booklet and absorbing its secret meanings, she prospered as never before, developing incredible money, love, and personal powers!

Story I
Please keep secret what I am about to ten you, because this information is confidential. These words are meant for members only.
There has existed for many years an exclusive association, a secret society, of the world's most famous and powerful people. These include renowned actors and musicians, leading scientists and intellectuals, self-made entrepreneurs and artists, even some of the rare genuine astrologers and psychics. Many of these people you would instantly recognize.
This association has uncovered some shockingly powerful secrets. And they share these secrets only amongst themselves. In fact, these secrets are the reason these well-known individuals have achieved great prosperity and success. Because you have been sent this orientation booklet, I know that members of the secret society have analyzed your profile and that they've discovered something special about you. In fact, I know that you possess rare traits they are searching for.
Because of these traits, which we'll talk about later, they have chosen you to become part of their exclusive club and to sharetheir secrets, too. By the way, as you read this, you may be saying to yourself that this is all a bunch of hooey. But I swear on the Bible this is all true!
You see, every year this association picks a handful of individuals from around the world possessing your unique traits to share in their secrets - secrets that lead to enormous prosperity, love, happiness, total piece of mind. In your case, your hidden talents must be phenomenal for the members to select you!

How did these gifted people find you? For now, that must remain a mystery.

But I can shed light on how they found you by first telling you my own story: Seven years ago I was like you. Out of the blue, I received an invitation from this society. Just like you, they said I possessed special traits. I was flattered, excited, yet skeptical. But, when they sent their orientation booklet to me personally a few days later for free, just as they said they would, my luck changed so completely I thought God must be guiding me, giving me special powers!
I even got a little greedy. For example, after I received these secrets, I won every time I gambled! It was unbelievable! My friends asked me if I had some kind of guardian angel looking after me. But it wasn't luck; the society's secrets armed me with the power to win.
Something else remarkable happened. With these secrets I actually knew what other people were thinking, as if I was reading their minds. And I knew how they were going to react to everything I said and did. What came over me seemed almost magical, supernatural.
Because of these amazing abilities, I was able to quit my job and start an incredibly successful business that I absolutely love, right out of my home. I then turned this business over to my husband, and he grew it to a multi-mill ion-dollar international company. (I was allowed to give him the secrets because the association said he was accepted as part of "the package".) You can imagine how grateful he was!
The society's secrets unlocked other incredible talents within me as well, talents I never knew I had. For example, my memory immediately improved, dramatically. I suddenly possessed a photographic memory. This enabled me to go back to college, earn straight A's, and get the art degree I had always dreamed of.
Because you, too, have been sent this orientation booklet, I know that your profile, like mine, will enable you to do these same things and much more: (Remember, these are the very same secrets that the world's most successful celebrities, entrepreneurs, scientists, sports stars, professional gamblers and romantic lovers possess!).

For example, soon after I received the society's secrets I eliminated all my addictions and bad habits - food, alcohol, cigarettes and sweets within a matter of days. Virtually overnight I lost 30lbs. And I effortlessly maintained my ideal weight. I felt younger, healthier, and more beautiful than I ever had! It was as if I had shed 10 years off my age! Even my skin seemed to rejuvenate into the glow of a teenager. Now, heads turn wherever I walk! ... My husband is the rich man-on-the-hill, and I am his beautiful wife. I'm a trophy (he! he! he!) and I love it!

Now, you may be skeptical, just like I was. But, just as this elite group did for me, we're going to offer all the society's secrets to you, personally.
Let me tell you something else - maybe not as dramatic as winning lots of money or starting a multimillion-dollar
business, but just as important. Today, everyone I meet wants to be my friend. People respect me, admire me, love me. I have become the center of their attention. And all my relationships - romantic, family, friends, co-workers - have become incredible. Many men want a romantic relationship with me, but I want only my husband.
In fact I must tell you that the best thing of all was that these remarkable secrets allowed me to eternally capture the heart of my husband, the only man I had ever wanted! ... Right after I absorbed the society's secrets, he confessed, Your love just blows me away! Then, he quickly looked away before I could see the tears welling up in his eyes.
I say these things not to gloat, but to let you know that you can have these same things, too! For, with these secrets, with your unique soul, you can actually do the seemingly impossible. personal talents will blossom within you that you never imagined you had. For example, I can now sit at a piano and play virtually any song, note for note, from memory. In addition, I can gaze at a landscape and turn it into a beautiful painting on the spot. It's as though every single ability within me has become supercharged, with no effort on my part! 

Other people have noticed this in me, too. My husband said that at the clubhouse, he overheard his golfing buddies talking about me, and they concurred on one point: SHE'S GOT IT!

Now, dear reader, you'd be amazed to know just who these particular world-renown members were who chose you! But, alas, it's a secret society and although everything I say here is true, their identities must remain anonymous. Those who chose you, though, do realize your special qualities. YOU'VE GOT IT! You just have not fully realized your special qualities yet.

Although people around you may not see it, we know that you have experienced moments in which you feel spiritually gifted. In those euphoric moments, you know you are special, you absolutely know it, and you feel you are here to do great things with your life. Right? Well, we know it, too. And yes, you are meant to do great things, exactly as we are going to show you.
How do we know? Be honest: have you ever felt like God or some higher power may be communicating with you, giving you a sign? If you answered yes, and we know you did, then you are indeed that special person we are looking for. And this is your calling. It's as simple as that.
Now, let's get into it: Did you know that some individuals can recall every detail of their entire lives from childhood onward when hypnotized? A few astonish their hypnotist by accurately telling what their hypnotist is thinking. That seems baffling, until you understand -that when you're hypnotized, your conscious left brain shuts down and you become totally immersed in your subconscious right brain. . .. One of the techniques the society has uncovered is a simple, ten second technique that works like reverse hypnosis, allowing you to effortlessly tap this ability while remaining fully conscious. This is a boon for. actors memorizing Jines and calling up strong emotions, students studying for exams, and career persons needing to memorize important facts, procedures and names.

Here's something else that's phenomenal. With the society's inner secrets you can read the future. To scientists, who are very left-brain, logic oriented, this seems incredulous. But you have the special qualities that can unlock these future-telling abilities. Some gifted people like you get drawn into mysticism because of such startling. abilities. They think it must be supernatural. But these are very real human talents of the gifted few - rare talents waiting to be unleashed in a few special people like you .... Not everyone has the potential to do these kinds of things, but you do!

Consider another astonishing ability - the power to cure. Sigmund Freud was astounded when he documented cases whereby a deaf woman regained her hearing, a crippled man regained his ability to walk, a cancer patient's tumors went into permanent remission, a man with progressive heart disease made a complete recovery, and a blind child regained her sight - all instantaneously! Some call these Faith Healings, others call these cases Miracles of God. But Freud discovered these are powers buried within a handful of people with unique talents - talents the secret society has detected in you, dear reader!
Such miraculous abilities are what make a person believe, "There must exist another realm, a higher mystical realm, or how else can one explain these phenomena. " Well, there does exist a realm that no one (outside of this association) can explain, a realm in a few unique people that's so powerful and beyond our everyday experience it does seem like they're blessed with miracles. Our association has discovered that you, too, have that other realm, and our members are willing to show you exactly how to unleash those miracles. We will do this because you are a rare find. We want you to join us.

Remember, these are the very same powers that the most successful, exclusive people in the world have anonymously used to obtain great wealth, success, love, fame. And you belong in that exclusive group, dear reader! That is why you are receiving this special orientation booklet. The secret society is now personally inviting you into our exclusive group. In fact, to show you how sincere and real this group and our invitation is, we are offering you and only you (as they did to me seven years ago) all of our very confidential, personal secrets.
All I can tell you now is that within hours after absorbing our secrets (I am now one of the anonymous members), you'll be benefiting in every area of your life.
Now, this brings us to another important point. When we analyze potential profiles (the people who do this analyzing are brilliant, I just wish I could name a few names for you) we search for special people like you who are about to enter cycle two. What's cycle two? There are seven fundamental cycles in life that every person passes through, regardless of where or when they live. Cycle two is the most important cycle because it's the cycle of breaking bondage, of discovering and being discovered. That is why our exclusive group has sent you this orientation booklet.
Everyone who has ever really prospered in life, from celebrities to entrepreneurs, from gamblers to lovers, from
captains of industry to heads of state did properly implement this second stage cycle - though most didn't consciously know that was what they were doing. And that's what makes the really successful people so indestructible - no matter what happens to them, or around them, they always end up on top. Even if they get fired, cheated, dumped, estranged from their lovers, or somehow made flat broke, within a few months they'll be back on top, prospering beyond most peoples' dreams. Those who previously shunned them come running back, pleading for their love and affection. You've probably seen famous people like that on TV. Maybe you know someone like this. The point is, cycle two is your time to act - it's your calling!

So I now warn you, fair and square, don't let the self- discovery that cycle two offers you slip by. You are now entering this second cycle and it's so important that you privately see all of the society's secrets to launch all of cycle two's opportunities. That's why we're making these secrets available to you at this time, in full. You'll have time later to ponder about this exclusive group, but you must absorb all of the secrets now, before this opportunity is gone with the wind, forever!
These are the same secrets that the two-time world champion of poker offered $50,000 for and that a Fortune 500 company offered $70,000 for.
To be perfectly honest, when I look back and think of my life before the secret society, I shudder at the thought of what I could have missed out on. Even now, in an unguarded moment, this thought anguishes me. But then I think of my future armed with the society's secrets and I relax. Now, I awake each morning full of excitement and satisfaction.
If you, dear reader, are like I was before, you're probably experiencing some uneasiness, restlessness, a dissatisfaction with the world. Is major success, an exciting and satisfying relationship, and real wealth truly unattainable? You long for it, I know. I always did. But if you cannot seem to achieve it, I am telling you, instead of letting go of that desire, take a new direction. Answer this calling today. ( ... Many of us in the association have risen from living in dumps and projects to penthouses and multi-million-dollar custom homes because of these very same secrets.)

Right now, you have a moment unlike any before. Don't let this moment pass. Go with your true instincts and act! Those of us here in the society are so looking forward to your presence, to your presence now, that we're offering you the" chance to get and absorb all of our secrets in their entirety. But you must read and absorb these secrets now before you miss your opportunity, before you have gone too far into cycle two.

So, sit back and read this orientation booklet now, and then act! We are totally willing to share with you all of our secrets! And before long, you'll be ready to meet us. But I mean it when I say you must do this now. That's a given, for these secrets are too exclusive!
Yours sincerely,

Now, turn the page to read the second story of this orientation booklet as told by a woman who was so depressed she actually contemplated suicide, but who, upon being discovered by the secret society, just like you have been, is now a famous TV celebrity and writer who personally used the society's secrets to go from broke to a happy, thriving, famous multi-millionaire in less than a year:

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