gained such popularity recently that I got a good number of e-mails asking whether Neobux is scam or not. I did some research and I did actually create an account to see how it works. Neobux claims it is simple to make money because "At NeoBux you get paid just by browsing our sponsor's ads." Isn't that too simple to be true? IT IS!

Here is what Neobux gives for example of how much you can earn:

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This is a continuation of “How NOT to make money online

Job sections in are flooded with “Data entry clerk positions” that offer really nice pay rates. Usually it is Google or Yahoo e.mail address and the ad is almost always the same:

Data Entry Clerk Positions Available at Home

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                   In the last year many households were hurt by the mortgage crisis. A third of the people looked or are still looking for some kind of part-time job, “work-from-home business” or another way to earn some extra money, they need to survive in today’s world.

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