So, if you did read the previous article on Angela Bussio and Members Learning Center, this is part two.

After they get paid (in my case it was 47 dollars) they provide you with username and password for their members only section of the website memberslearning center dot com. The username is your e-mail address and the password is your zip code.

So, let's get started! There is a quick intro where a woman voice tells you how successful you are going to be with their system... blah blah blah. 

Before you start making tons of money however you need a website. But don't worry, Members Learning Center is generous and they are giving you a website for free. The value of this gift is 1995 dollars (I often think how the f*ck these people make the prices up... Same as the infomercials... Call now and we will send you this personel fan absoletely free - a gift value of 150 dollars... with your purchase of 9.95 for 2 somethings, each valued at 30 bucks... blah blah BLAH). Anyway, back to Angela,  so you need a website (the one they give you for free) and a web hosting. And no, you cannot choose your hosting provider. It must be PurelyHosting (when I first checked it was a company called BlueHost or something similar). I forgot to mention that they tell us (told me but since I'm telling you I'm going to use US) that you should purchase a hosting plan at least for two years... you see, GOOGLE will see that your hosting is for a long period of time and it will rank your website higher (?!?!?!). So the two-year hosting is 270.65 dollars. Referal payment for Members Learning Center is 65 bucks... So they make 65 dollars forcing you to buy a host plan from their very specific provider.

You see this and you start thinking - oh well, that's way too much. I'd rather get my refund from Members Learning Center since they have 30 DAY MONEY GUARANTEE. Ahaaaaa, did you read the fine print? You cannot get your money back unless you finish all the steps of the program. Ant yes, this includes buying the hosting plan from the host provider they specify. 

Next step is purchasing a membership at auctionburner where you have two options - 1-year for 199.95 and montly for 24.95. Not sure what is the sum Members Learning Center receives for refferal for this website. 

So after completing all the steps, spending at least 300 bucks (and making about 100 bucks for Angela Bussio and Members Learning Center) you can request refund of the money you paid for Members Learning Center. To my knowledge nobody got their money back YET!

Call THEM Today!
Startup Hotline Number (Why not requesting your money back): 800-317-2807 or try reaching them at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Check their Members only section here (still in process but I'm trying to upload the entire library they have).

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