gained such popularity recently that I got a good number of e-mails asking whether Neobux is scam or not. I did some research and I did actually create an account to see how it works. Neobux claims it is simple to make money because "At NeoBux you get paid just by browsing our sponsor's ads." Isn't that too simple to be true? IT IS!

Here is what Neobux gives for example of how much you can earn:


"If you have a Golden Membership, click 10 top ads a day and refer 150 members who also click 10 top ads a day:

You win $30.2 (US dollars) per day that translates to around $936.2 (US dollars) per month. Now, try to multiply that for a year!

With even more referrals (which can be rented or obtained freely) and more ads, we will leave it to your imagination."

IF YOU have a Golden Membership... IF YOU are smart enough you are not going to register with them but anyway. Golden membership costs 90 USD and you need to wait a month to upgrade to it... And you cannot have your own referrals if you are a member for less than a month. Until then Neobux provides you with four advertisements a day and pays you a cent per watched advertisement.... So you need to click on these ads for 50 days to get paid 2 USD. Fun fun fun. You can also rent referrals, which will cost you between 25 and 30 cents per a referral. Your profit from a click made by a referral is 0.005 USD. So if you decide to rent and your referral doesn't click at least 50-60 times a month you lose money.

To me, Neobux looks like a Ponzi scheme. Of course not so big as Madoff's oneJ but as annoying as Madoff's wife and her claims over the 80M USD that were "her own". Why I think so? People's greediness for money drives them stupid. After making 10-20 cents of profit by clicking the same ads for 5-6 days they decide it is safe enough to invest 10-20 USD to rent referrals that will bring them a fortune. A part of this "investment" is being used by Neobux to pay some of the clickers and the rest I guess goes for the people on the top of the scheme.

For sure there are people making profit from Neobux but these people are involved with Neobux from its beginning. Just like Madoff's scheme, some of the investors made extremely good amounts of money just because they were among the first to invest.

Please if you know something more about Neobux don\t hesitate and share it here. I believe it will be useful for many people.

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