I love getting junk mail… Actually, I live for the junk in my mail box (and I mean MAIL BOX  -the old fashioned, cast-iron box that is on the left side of my front door). So, in the past 4-5 months I received three  different brochures about investing in starter (and not so much starter) companies that will multiply my investments x10… x20…x30 and x-gazillion times.

 My latest “Hot Tip” was about Fresh Healthy Vending International, INC. (OTC BB: VEND). Very nicely done brochure of 20+ pages (you can see the brochure here, promising to turn $2500 into $45000 (1800% return of the initial investment).  The strategy, known as pump and dump, in nothing new – thousands of web sites use it to promote a penny-stock and make few people rich while thousands of newbies lose whatever they have. And while the price of the stock went double in a matter of a few days, it already started dropping down. Right now is 2.90 or 11% down of its pick on Tuesday (yesterday - 1/14/2014). I’m pretty sure in a week or two its price will be below $1 (I will update the article so don’t forget to check it again).

BUT what gets me is that I cannot find who sends the materials. Just 20 minutes ago I was on the phone with USPS customer service trying to get some info. All I got is a bulk mailing permit number (issued in Santa Ana, Ca – permit N 949) and I was told that there is no way I can legally track the sender?!

Of course, I saw the footer of the brochure with the The Wall Street Revelator  info and a phone number but their address and phone numbers don’t match the ones from the brochure.

So OK, the phone number in the brochure is related to Fresh Healthy Vending (no answer and the company’s phone directory has only one name… Jessica… something… and she is away from her desk).

Any thoughts?

I added VEND into my stock watch list so I can keep an eye on it.

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