In the last year many households were hurt by the mortgage crisis. A third of the people looked or are still looking for some kind of part-time job, “work-from-home business” or another way to earn some extra money, they need to survive in today’s world.


I got a letter from a friend who saw a couple of sites in Internet “showing” how to make 150-200GBP per 2 hour-day from home. He asked me for my opinion. I did some kind of research. What I found was a large number of web sites that are trying to convince us how easy is to earn a monthly salary in a few days.

The first site I found was . Then I found and many more. I read all the information a couple of times and it seemed to me that it was some kind of advertisement campaign of a group of online casinos. Anyway, I wrote back to my friend explaining what I found and what I think about this “system”. He called me the very same day. He was very disappointed and he said that I always see everything in dark colors.  Well, I told him “ok, let’s try it”.

We chose a casino from the list, followed the instruction and deposited 25USD. We got almost 100USD instant sign-up bonus. The “system” is very simple. Every time you loose you must double your bet and eventually next time you win you’ll get all the lost money plus a small profit. First thirty minutes we made almost 700USD… Of course we couldn’t cash out the money because of the bonus that we got when we signed up. So we had to wage the bonus 35 times. By the time we did it, there was no money to cash out. He tried six more casinos and the result was the same. After he spent nearly 300 USD he changed his mind and thanked me for my time and support I gave him.

I felt bad. I think is cruel how some people use other people’s dreams to make profits. I searched online for “home-business”, “make money online” and “data entry from home”. Here is what I found and tested.

The first site that caught my attention was . “A job just for me” I said. I registered and paid only 2.95 USD for 7 days trial membership. I logged in and… Surprise!!! They don’t offer much, just a search engine that searches in popular free-lancer’s sites… I don’t see why not to use Goolge for the same results. No, that’s not all. If you don’t cancel your membership you’ll be charged 47USD each month for using their service. I cancelled my membership the very same day but allowed me to keep my membership for free. Well they made 2.95USD without providing any service so I guess it is not so bad profit made from a single person.

Next I tried a good number of survey sites. Most of them are very generous and promise 15-75 USD per survey. gives you a bonus if you complete your entire profile. A few days later I started to receive invitations to take paid surveys. They offered me up to 45USD for taking a 15 minute survey. I guess they just missed to tell me that I have to use my credit card and to purchase products and services priced much over the 45USD. Of course I couldn’t cash out any of the bonuses I got because I didn’t make the minimum money to withdraw. Now I have 200USD in my accounts at different paid-surveys web sites.

I checked for work-from-home opportunities in the local and I found few listings that offered what I was looking for. After some time spent to register myself here and there I found what all is about. Pay our membership and will send you link to different e-books and our wishes for “Good Luck!”. Most of the e-books were probably written by high-school kids and didn’t provide any innovations or ideas how to make money. This costs 39.95 a month. No, thanks!

There are even sites that offer 3500 pounds a day”. Their system is extremely simple.  Buy your membership for 3500 pounds and then sell memberships. When somebody else buys membership from you, then you get 3500 pounds. No limit how many people can be your “donors”.

Right now Internet is overflow with ads about “making money from home”… At the end somebody will make money… but it will not be you. 

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