I got one of the books written by Mark Hamilton (published 2002). Clean design of the soft (paper) covers, 640+ pages of "secrets", which I am not sure I will read all of them BUT I will try. Oh, yes, the name of the book is "The Neo-Tech World" and it was not overpriced - got it from Amazon for 5.30 USD (1.31 for the book, plus 3.99 for shipping). Far away from the 139 USD "the secret society" thinks "free" is. Anyway, I will scan parts of it very soon and published them here.


After getting the book this morning I googled the book and I found a very interesting article (looks more like paid advertisement of Neo-Tech) published in Weekly World News on Sep 1st, 1992. At the end of the article is printed a coupon, which says "Readers of Weekly World News can obtain the valuable 8000-word Neo-Tech Information package without charge by sending the Special Offer coupon to the address below." The address was the same one as the one now - Neo-Tech, Dept W-4, 850 South Boulder Highway, Henderson, Nevada 89015. The same ad (article) is published again in Weekly World News on April 20th, 1993; in Business Review Weekly, volume 14, 1992

Did anyone order it in 1992? Is that the same Information pack as the First letter or the orientation booklet?


The Most Important Money/Marriage-Power/Romantic-Love Discovery Since The Industrial Revolution

Receive Free - The valuable, 8000-word Neo-Tech Information Pack

An entire new field of knowledge has been discovered by Dr. Frank R. Wallace, a former Senior Research Chemist for E. I. du Point de Nemours&Co. For over a decade, Dr. Wallace researched Psychuous  Advantages to uncover a powerful array of new knowledge called Neo-Tech. That new knowledge allows any woman (maybe this is why the first letter was addressed to Mrs me) to prosper monetarily, personally, romantically, and financially anywhere in the world, even during personal or financial hard times, inflation, boomtimes, recession, depression, war.

Neo-Tech is a new, scientific method for capturing major financial and personal advantages everywhere. Neo-Tech is a new knowledge that has nothing to do with positive thinking, religion or anything mystical. Once a woman is exposed to Neo-Tech, she can quickly profit from anyone - anywhere, anytime. She can prosper almost anywhere on earth and succeed under almost any economic or marriage conditions. Combined with Psychuous  Advantages, Neo-Tech applies to all money and marriage-power gathering techniques - to all situations involving the transfer of money, marriage-power or love.

Neo-Tech has its roots in the constant financial pressures and incentives to develop the easiest, most profitable methods of gaining advantages.  Over the decades, all successfully married woman, popular women, alluring women, high-powered fashion models, famous actresses, successful businesswomen, financially secured women, fulfilled mothers, rich wives and world-traveled women have secretly searched for shortcuts that require little skill yet contain the invisible effectiveness of the most advanced techniques.  Dr. Wallace identified those shortcuts and then honed them into practical formats called Neo-Tech. Those never-before-known formats transfer money, respect and prestige from the uniformed to the informed. Those informed can automatically take control of most situations involving money and marriage-power.

P.S. Could not recover page#2 of the article (Nov-23-2012)

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