Me of all people, more than 12 year plus in the technology industry, I was shocked when I received a call today from the Microsoft Security center telling me that my computer had a serious virus.  Hmmm I said how could this happen to me, I have antivirus software a commercial grade firewall, and keep my system locked down.  I only install software that I know about so how could this happen to me?


 Well let's just say that I played dumb and I really wish I have a recording of this conversation.

 This person instructed me to look at logs and was very convincing.  To make a long story very short when I said I think that you are not telling me the truth and I will call the FBI.  I was transferred to his 'supervisory' who said if I did not do what they said they would call the FBI because I  could stop the internet if they did not fix my computer.


I could break the internet O NO how bad could this be, what could have happened?  If I do not do what they want they will send the FBI to my home?

To make a long story short this is a scam and Microsoft cannot detect errors nor do they have you phone number.

Just hang up.  


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